Business SOLUTIONS Consulting

With the benefits of a CPA on staff and a thorough knowledge of business applications technology, we offer innovative and practical solutions for all your business needs. We provide, install and support SAGE and Microsoft Dynamics 365 software products, as well as third-party solutions.

Through advanced planning, your business can maximize the benefits of technology investments. Our consultants bring accounting knowledge and technology expertise to assure thorough and thoughtful implementation.

The services we provide go beyond planning and implementation. We can assist you with migrating essential processes, and improve basic capabilities such as project profitability tracking and contract management methods.

Upgrades - Through software upgrades, we help your business gain a competitive advantage. Reporting and analysis tools such as executive dashboards, trend reporting and variance alerts bring your data to life. Sophisticated pricing models illustrating sales in real time help increase your margins. Discovering and monitoring key success factors aid in vital decision-making strategy.

Unbiased advice - Our approach is to provide unbiased advice for software selection. Wintech Computer Systems is in an unusual position when it comes to helping organizations select the best software. We sell and support both Microsoft and Sage software. Together, these two companies offer the most widely used mid-range enterprise application suites available.

Applications Training and Support

Increasing your staff's proficiency by offering training in Crystal Report, Business Intelligence Reporting Tools or any aspect of your ERP system. We also offer help with Microsoft Office and other end user packages on the market today.

Data Migration SERVICES

If you are moving from one system to another or changing accounting systems and want to keep your historical data, we can offer custom services that meet your needs. With expert knowledge in SQL databases, we have been migrating systems for over 18 years. Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs.

Offsite Backup Services

Wintech offers nightly backup services to secure your important data offsite. This service is meant to be an additional backup of your on-site backup system. Your data will be stored on our servers to prevent loss due to theft or environmental hazards such as fire or flooding. Let us configure your data security needs with on-site and off-site backup services. Please contact us for more information.

Network Management Service

Many small companies have computers and network system but no qualified personnel to manage them properly. In fact, if they did have someone on staff, it would be cost prohibitive. That is where Wintech can help by utilizing us for your part-time IT staff. We have plans for pre-paid service that will fit your budget and keep your systems running smoothly. Contact us for more information.

Data Recovery Service

Hard drives fail. Important files get deleted. With data retrieval, the quicker you stop using your computer and shut it down, the more likely your data can be recovered. Often we can save you time and money and recover your data quickly as opposed to other methods. We have many tools at our disposal that we have been using for many years that make data recovery possible where other methods may fail.


From hardware failure to Spyware infections Wintech can help you get running again in no time. Through years of experience we have learned how to remove most virus and spyware without having to reload entire systems. This saves you time and money.